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don't believe the florist when he tells you that the roses are free.

I got home Monday evening. I've been so drained and out of it for the past week and a half because of it. My Grandma was so super excited to see me and she's gotten a little better she's on less oxygen and less pain meds so I think she'll pull though. It's been a tough 3 and a half months.

My visit was pretty okay for the most part. I helped my uncle plant gardens and i ate sooo much because whenever my uncle or aunt would see me they'd be like "aww honey, you need to get something to eat". Mostly in the form of mustard greens and other southern food I don't really like but I wanted to be polite so I ate anyway(gotta love that). I went to thrift stores a lot and got books about Scandivnavian foods,this really nice hardback of the history of art in Japan, and a norweigan to english dictionary for Doug. I went to St. Augstine for a day too. If I'm not mistaken, isn't it one of the oldest cities in america or something? I heard that at one point in my life. It was really pretty, nonetheless.

While I was there I finished reading A Scanner Darkly by Phillip K. Dick. Doug recommended it too my and it was pretty mind blowing, so I can't wait to read more his books. I think I'm going to read Ubik next.

Last night we watched 300. Holy fucking shit it was action-paked. It seemed kind of sepia toned and that was kind of weird, but this is definitely one of Frank Miller's better movies, but then again RoboCop 3 was a fucking joke.

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