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Rewind to one week ago.

Killer Panther and Spring Break Shark Attack played at Jennies house Saturday, I missed the bands, but zach gave me a button anyhow. The cops dropped by for a noise complaint, then we hung out upstairs dancing(jessi singing) to fleetwood mac in our library voices. I drank some of Austin's beers (shhh) and now I know what goes down on laurely street. I wish all you guys lived closer. +(

Sunday I woke up to a motley crew of 9 in my house, a record so far. We all trecked to the flea market in Bluff City where I bought a go-go's lp and new sunglasses for a dollar.

Monday doug bought me Joan Jett's Bad Reputation on lp. I <3 him.

Tuesday-Friday doesn't matter (except going to Big Lots yay!)

This morning we woke up early(haha 10:00) and went to the bookfair and nerded it out there. I picked up these selections:

_All I Needed To Know About Filmaking I Learned From The Toxic Avenger by Lloyd Kaufman
_Black Holes and Baby Universes and Other Essays by Stephen Hawking
_Evil Sisters: The Threat of Female Sexuality and the Cult of Manhood
_William Blake The Seer And His Visions by Milton Klonsk
_The Ocean World of Jaques Cousteau
_Nature's Healing Arts: From Folk Medicine to Modern Drugs (National Geographic Society)
_The Ocean Realm (National Geographic Society)

Next Week I'm off for 3 days and Hellhammer is getting neutered Monday. I've never had a pet neutered before so I really DO NOT know what to expect. eeep!
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