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post x-mas post

x-mas was nice. I had to work all day on x-mas eve, but the day after we went to Marion, VA to see some of doug's family. We watched Godzilla vs. Megadlon(mst3k version) and part of Superman Returns and hung out and ate. Doug's aunt has, like, the neatest house ever. My mom's still in FL so I called her for a bit. She has some presents for me from my family still, so that's cool.

So far I got:
-Batman Annimated Series DVD
-Harley Quinn Barbie Doll (I haven't gotten a barbie for x-mas in like 12 years. eeee!)
-Calendar of Georgia O'Keefe paintings.

I still have yet to get Doug's Present, but I think he'll like it.
Tags: goodies, x-mas
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