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"to love god is the greastest thing", but i'm a fool and i love you so.

oh my god I'm sick again!!! How is this even possible!?! If I don't feel better by tomorrow, work can suck it, I'm not coming in. The Bendryl does not allow me to function properly.

I won't get to see my family for x-mas on account of me having to work all day(an outrage I assure you!), and my mom having to go be with my 'mamaw' who was thought to have had a stroke, then thought was a heart attack, and now is some infection that caused her to have a heart attack, even though there's no damage to her heart. Did that make sense? Didn't think so. I am going to see Doug's extended family in Virginia though for x-mas day. Also it will mean that I have been with the boy for 2 whole years. I've never dated anyone in my life for that long!

I started and finished Youth in Revolt this week. I wish I didn't read it so fast, but I really could not put it down and I devoted all of the lunches and breaks to reading it. I've been late clocking in from all my lunches this week because of it. oops. I was dissapointed yet positive for the rest of the day that it had a (somewhat) happy ending. Has anyone read Revolting Youth? I have it on my wishlist on bookmooch, but the owner of it is inactive.

Now I must pick back up on Mirror, Mirror by Gregory Mcguire.

[EDIT]: Mom got my whole birth year in issue of National Geographic, half of 1984, and half of 1985. There's an issue about the coal industry (June 1983 i think?) and Mom knew one of the guys in the pictures. I guess that's another thing we have in common. I'm also getting a subscription for next year. My NG collection has just doubled.
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