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I haven't been online in a while, but fuck, Kurt Vonnegut lived to be 824. That makes the quote in my profile a little creepy now.

Smoke a Pall Mall for him, so it goes.
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A TV Show quiz for you guys [Tue/04/10/07]
Stolen from cam & shelly

- Go to IMDB.com and look up 10 of your favorite TV shows.
- Post three official IMDB "Plot Keywords" for these 10 picks.
- Have your friends guess the show names.

01. Deadbeat Dad > Actor Playing Multiple Roles > Famous Opening Theme
The Simpsons - rsambassador
02. Identical Twins > Orange County California > Handheld Camera
Arrested Development - xjustsaymaybex

03. Gothic > Mansion > Evil Clown
Batman The Animated Series - rsambassador

04. Characters Name in Title> Sketch Comedy > Actor Playing Multiple Roles

05. Hoover Dam > Inanimate Object in Cast Credits > Marching Band
The Adventures of Pete and Pete - venialblur

06. Irony > Based on Comic > Murder

07. Crush > Journal > Nicktoon
Doug - dani_oso

08. Robot > Silhouette > Spoof
Mystery Science Theater 3000 - pissshitfuck

09. Sock Puppet > Puppetry > Sock
Sifl and Olly - venialblur

10. Absurd Humor > Cross Dressing > British
Monty Python's Flying Circus- venialblur

& Remember, googling is CHEATING.
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anybody else on my friends list have last.fm? add me.

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don't believe the florist when he tells you that the roses are free. [Wed/03/28/07]
I got home Monday evening. I've been so drained and out of it for the past week and a half because of it. My Grandma was so super excited to see me and she's gotten a little better she's on less oxygen and less pain meds so I think she'll pull though. It's been a tough 3 and a half months.

My visit was pretty okay for the most part. I helped my uncle plant gardens and i ate sooo much because whenever my uncle or aunt would see me they'd be like "aww honey, you need to get something to eat". Mostly in the form of mustard greens and other southern food I don't really like but I wanted to be polite so I ate anyway(gotta love that). I went to thrift stores a lot and got books about Scandivnavian foods,this really nice hardback of the history of art in Japan, and a norweigan to english dictionary for Doug. I went to St. Augstine for a day too. If I'm not mistaken, isn't it one of the oldest cities in america or something? I heard that at one point in my life. It was really pretty, nonetheless.

While I was there I finished reading A Scanner Darkly by Phillip K. Dick. Doug recommended it too my and it was pretty mind blowing, so I can't wait to read more his books. I think I'm going to read Ubik next.

Last night we watched 300. Holy fucking shit it was action-paked. It seemed kind of sepia toned and that was kind of weird, but this is definitely one of Frank Miller's better movies, but then again RoboCop 3 was a fucking joke.

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[ mood | tired ]

Going to FL for a couple of weeks. Gramma's in critical care. I probably won't be on here but you never know. Pray some weirdo on the greyhound doesn't kill me or that tornadoes don't eat me, or hell just that she will get better is good enough for me.

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Rewind to one week ago. [Sat/03/10/07]
Killer Panther and Spring Break Shark Attack played at Jennies house Saturday, I missed the bands, but zach gave me a button anyhow. The cops dropped by for a noise complaint, then we hung out upstairs dancing(jessi singing) to fleetwood mac in our library voices. I drank some of Austin's beers (shhh) and now I know what goes down on laurely street. I wish all you guys lived closer. +(

Sunday I woke up to a motley crew of 9 in my house, a record so far. We all trecked to the flea market in Bluff City where I bought a go-go's lp and new sunglasses for a dollar.

Monday doug bought me Joan Jett's Bad Reputation on lp. I <3 him.

Tuesday-Friday doesn't matter (except going to Big Lots yay!)

This morning we woke up early(haha 10:00) and went to the bookfair and nerded it out there. I picked up these selections:

_All I Needed To Know About Filmaking I Learned From The Toxic Avenger by Lloyd Kaufman
_Black Holes and Baby Universes and Other Essays by Stephen Hawking
_Evil Sisters: The Threat of Female Sexuality and the Cult of Manhood
_William Blake The Seer And His Visions by Milton Klonsk
_The Ocean World of Jaques Cousteau
_Nature's Healing Arts: From Folk Medicine to Modern Drugs (National Geographic Society)
_The Ocean Realm (National Geographic Society)

Next Week I'm off for 3 days and Hellhammer is getting neutered Monday. I've never had a pet neutered before so I really DO NOT know what to expect. eeep!
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on Watching American Hardcore... [Sat/03/10/07]
lins-"I've never finger pointed so much during a movie"
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I never get online anymore it seems.
typing with gloves on is kind of hard.
i dyed my hair today...purple.
doug bought me more Simpsons box sets with his tax returns. I seen an episode that actually made me cry. I'm doing my taxes by myself this week. I'll get a whole 200 dollars.
jennie's helping me paint my living room! it's going to be awesome. and were's going to paint pretty things on the mantle that will probably get painted over if we move out, but fuck it. 14 (that's my gloves talking).
I'm getting my minolta 35mm back. I paid like 300 bucks for it when I was in college majoring in photography.
I hate my job more and more everyday.

oh yeah, who wants to learn German or Italian with me? I got the video tapes!
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story of my life [Sat/01/27/07]
miss terrifyer: gay
Auto response from Lusy P Hur: I am online, but may be away
from my computer right now.
miss terrifyer: yeah, away being gay.
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Asheville was nice. I went to record stores that actually sold NEW records of new music. Holy shit, it felt so weird. I bought a used record (Roxy Music's Manifesto). We spent most of the day at Woodfin until the show at 10 or whenever. Only seen 2 bands on account of doug having to wake up at 9 or 10 and jd's sister having to wake up at 6. Reagan's bones were pretty awesome though.

frillz I'm gettin' my hurr did next week. I'm still not sure how I want it done. I'm thinking of bangs, maybe asymmetrical bangs. That may be neat.
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ummm I'm too pressed for a real entry. [Sat/01/13/07]
-So, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (#7) is supposedly coming out on 07/07/07!
*dances in library*

-I'm only getting online at the library.

-Asheville on Monday
-Mastodon in Knoxville in Feb.
-The Queers and Austin(i guess it's his solo stuff? he's super stoked i imagine) in JC sometime in Feb.

-My ears are stopped up and they hurt so much sometimes
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I'm the biggest idiot alive. I thought I was off yesterday and supposed to come in today. Wellll it was the other way around, and they already have somebody working so I can't work today. So much for near-perfect attendance and 6 hours of pay. sooo this means I'm going to the show tonight.

lazyass destroyer
shoelace punks

@ the hideaway
235 e. main johnson city TN
starts @ 10
5 bucks

They're making a film verion of Motley Crue: The Dirt. Christopher Walken is suppoosed to be playing Ozzy Osbourne. and this means.....YOU GET TO SEE CHRISTOPHER WALKEN SNORTING A LINE OF LIVE ANTS!!! whoa. I might actually rough it and see a movie in a THEATER this year. Other than for Harry Potter & TOOTP and Spidey 3 of course.
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post x-mas post [Tue/12/26/06]
x-mas was nice. I had to work all day on x-mas eve, but the day after we went to Marion, VA to see some of doug's family. We watched Godzilla vs. Megadlon(mst3k version) and part of Superman Returns and hung out and ate. Doug's aunt has, like, the neatest house ever. My mom's still in FL so I called her for a bit. She has some presents for me from my family still, so that's cool.

So far I got:
-Batman Annimated Series DVD
-Harley Quinn Barbie Doll (I haven't gotten a barbie for x-mas in like 12 years. eeee!)
-Calendar of Georgia O'Keefe paintings.

I still have yet to get Doug's Present, but I think he'll like it.
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"to love god is the greastest thing", but i'm a fool and i love you so. [Thu/12/21/06]
[ mood | content ]

oh my god I'm sick again!!! How is this even possible!?! If I don't feel better by tomorrow, work can suck it, I'm not coming in. The Bendryl does not allow me to function properly.

I won't get to see my family for x-mas on account of me having to work all day(an outrage I assure you!), and my mom having to go be with my 'mamaw' who was thought to have had a stroke, then thought was a heart attack, and now is some infection that caused her to have a heart attack, even though there's no damage to her heart. Did that make sense? Didn't think so. I am going to see Doug's extended family in Virginia though for x-mas day. Also it will mean that I have been with the boy for 2 whole years. I've never dated anyone in my life for that long!

I started and finished Youth in Revolt this week. I wish I didn't read it so fast, but I really could not put it down and I devoted all of the lunches and breaks to reading it. I've been late clocking in from all my lunches this week because of it. oops. I was dissapointed yet positive for the rest of the day that it had a (somewhat) happy ending. Has anyone read Revolting Youth? I have it on my wishlist on bookmooch, but the owner of it is inactive.

Now I must pick back up on Mirror, Mirror by Gregory Mcguire.

[EDIT]: Mom got my whole birth year in issue of National Geographic, half of 1984, and half of 1985. There's an issue about the coal industry (June 1983 i think?) and Mom knew one of the guys in the pictures. I guess that's another thing we have in common. I'm also getting a subscription for next year. My NG collection has just doubled.

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On the twelfth day of Christmas, necr_opheilia sent to me...
Twelve horror skirts drumming
Eleven haints piping
Ten books a-leaping
Nine squidfingers dancing
Eight zombies a-milking
Seven cats a-painting
Six tattoos a-cooking
Five cthu-u-u-ulhu mythos
Four thrift stores
Three handwriting analysis
Two John Bellairs
...and an atheism in a rockabilly.
Get your own Twelve Days:
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nevermind. it wasn't the modem afterall.

So what's new, kids?
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[ mood | getting ready for work ]

Today starts week 3 of being sick. I'm tired to taking fake sudaphed and not being able to speak when I wake up because my mouth is so dry. I might try the Master Cleanse. I really really have no desire or money to see a fucking doctor.

ps. Oasis still sucks.

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[ mood | numb ]

+I painted a moustache and soul patch on my bathroom mirror. Now I can have one whenever I please. Anyone that comes over and can stoop or tiptoe to five feet eight inches can have one too. Future tenants be damned!

+4 days until payday.

-I wish somebody would give me fucking straight answer and tell me if my job is seasonal or permanent or what so I can be looking for another job and not have to freak out in a month about having no means to pay my bills.

-I tried looking around for hair cut pictures and all anyone tells me is to go to Mad Rad Hair. I DON'T FUCKING WANT MAD RAD HAIR!

that is all.

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shit yah! (wow this post is kind of long) [Sun/11/19/06]
[ mood | orange lazaris cold/alkeehall ]

tomorrow's gonna fucking r00l:

-goddamn blue ribbon reunion
-the scams
-the auditors will be audited, the accountants will be held to account

in other news:

-Wal*mart's not bad. They pay me 7 bucks an hour just to make 5 isles look organized and pretty. AND I get a raise in February. I assume it will be a little harder after next week though with the x-mas season in full swing and everyone being assholes. Also I wanted so bad to laugh/scoff in the faces of the people who'd had been camping out in the layway section for days waiting for the ps3. fagzzzz.

-We might be getting another kitten. Mayyyybe. We really need to think about it a little more.

-Kickstart my heart! I'm working on this awesome 80's metal kick-ass piece. I think I'll frame it for the kitchen when I'm done.

-Derek, Squeaky and Cveet F.A. are crashing with us tonight and then Ben from Nashville is probably staying over this week. Ben is single-handedly responsible for my love of blue moon and combo's.

-Austin Vomit is that much cooler in my book now that I've found out that he loves Ace of Base too.

-I'm getting these books in the mail soon. I can't wait!

Crackpot: The Obsessions of John Waters
Scandinavian Folk & Fairy Tales: Tales From Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland & Iceland
Spider-Man Visionaries: John Romita, Sr.

bed-e-bye time!
xoxoxoxox to all!
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Enneagram test from Melissa. [Tue/11/07/06]
So accurate that it's creepyCollapse )
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